January 2017


free powerpoint templatesFor official need, it is very common to have a presentation related to certain topic daily. It is not debatable that the use of Microsoft Powerpoint as a media to handle presentation project becomes familiar. It is acceptable since the guidance to use this application is quite simple. However, it also provides several background slides to support the quality. The clear and interesting slide is known can develop the presenter’s confidence and the focus of the audience. But, the problem occurs when people get bored to use a standard slide from the origin. Therefore, to overcome this matter, people can move and use free powerpoint templates which are easily found at many online sites.

Why Should It Be Free Powerpoint Templates?

Generally, people like taking new things in their lives. This is including the use of many designs in free powerpoint templates. They do not need to worry since the administrator will keep the collection up to date. Moreover, to ease people browse the content, it is also categorized into many classifications. For younger generations, they may choose the cartoon characters, for a business presentation they may choose a simple design and many other examples. As a useful stuff, the slides are free charged. It means people do not need to pay anything through their credit cards. Hence, people can repeat download and choose the most suitable design to accommodate their needs occasionally.

Meanwhile, the other interesting when people start to use free powerpoint templates is there is the guidance how to use special features of the content. For example, when people need to insert 3D view at the table to make the slides better, they can find and follow the instruction from the sites directly. Since the guidance is clearly written, they will meet no difficulties to apply it soon. With this features, the slides can impress the audience and attract them to join and listen to the presentation until the end session.


rat and ox compatibilitySome people do not believe if there are rat and ox compatibility, which is a match when talking about the relationship, no matter it is love relationship or relationship in life. One thing you must do to know that both zodiacs are matched, you can read some details information about both of zodiacs. To understand the zodiacs signs, you can easily know it from the image in the zodiac that also represents the name of the zodiac. Rat is for zodiac rat and ox image is for zodiac ox.

Same And Lucky Things In Rat And Ox Compatibility

People who have zodiac rat are people who were born in 1900, 1948, 1972, 2008, and some 12 years after; meanwhile, people who have zodiac ox are people who were born in 1913, 1949, 1985, 2009, and some 12 years later. Rat and ox compatibility can be seen from both characteristics of zodiac signs. Both are quick witted and ambitious. They can work together and can build a good relationship too. The lucky numbers for zodiac rat are 2 and 3, while lucky numbers for zodiac ox are 9 and 1. The Chinese sign for a rat is yang, it is completed the Chinese sign of ox, it is yin. Moreover, rat and ox have the same lucky color for both; it is the blue color.  The other lucky color for rat zodiac is golden and green, lucky color for zodiac ox is red and purple.

The other things that make rat and ox are compatible is because they have two same zodiacs that are least compatible to make a good relationship. Sheep and horse are the zodiacs that cannot create a good relationship or even love romance relationship for better rat and ox compatibility. By these points, you can understand the reason Chinese people will look for the relation based on the zodiac signs.


Health lifeThere is no doubt that almost everyone on this planet today understands that doing a healthy lifestyle is important to get the best of their life. However, we cannot deny that there are numerous people whom the road is still far away to wellness. If you are one of them who are not yet on the way to wellness, try these following daily routines to maintain your wellness.

The first routine, of course, starts in the morning. In the sake of your health, drink two cups of water which is mixed with lemon every morning. This morning habit will keep you hydrated and it also helps you to lower constipation. After you drink your morning lemon water, do a cardiovascular exercise to burn up extra body fat. Do it for about 30 minutes on an empty stomach. The next routine to do is breakfast. You should remember that breakfast is one of the essential daily routines that you should not leave. You can enjoy a smoothie for your breakfast. Make your smoothie by combining vegan protein powder or whey protein isolate, natural coconut oil or almond butter, frozen berries, flaxseed, and water. It will be enough to keep your energized during the day. Then, during your workday, you can have a snack in the mid-morning as well as in the mid-afternoon every day. Remember that you are better to choose snack which contains protein. You can also consider about consuming an apple with a boiled egg, almond, tomatoes and feta cheese.

When the sun goes down each day, eat dinner to keep up your energy. It is important to eat dinner at least two hours before you go to bed. Then, before you go to bed, you can also spend some time to meditate, breathe deeply and review your day. The last, remember to sleep before 11 pm.


Chinese Zodiac RatFrom Chinese zodiac rat, you can see the characteristics of people that have this rat zodiac. If you have a friend but you do not know his or her zodiac, before you predict the zodiac seen from the year where he or she was born, you can see his or her characteristics. It is because, in each zodiac, it has different characteristics and some special personality that differentiates you from the other zodiac sign. From the year when your friend was born, of course, you will know your friend’s zodiac.

Your Friend’s Chinese Zodiac Rat

If your friend has Chinese zodiac rat, he may have born in 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, and 2008. People who were born in this year is indicated by having quick-witted personality, some called the year of rat is when people with ambitious and intelligent aura are born, he or she is also smart, lovely, and very kind. Therefore, people with rat zodiac also called, as stubborn people, he or she is devious, greedy, and too eager to get the power. Those are some characteristics in rat zodiac, so if your friend has following characteristics, without knowing the year he or she was born, you know that your friend has rat zodiac.

You friend with its good personality, of course, should maintain their personality, and make sure that the personality will bring your friend to be an as successful person. Your friend should go with his or her skillful to stay away from bad things condition and to adapt his or herself in the environment. You should also thanks your Chinese zodiac rat had by your friend because your friend’s quick-witted response, of course, your friend can help you when you are in the bad situation.  To deal with another characteristic of this rat zodiac, you can see some information related to this zodiac and can learn something that gains your good character because you born in the year of the rat, too.


Chesterfield SofaThe Chesterfield sofa is commonly used by some high-end users who want to bring classy and elegant furniture to their home. Because of the special design, this stuff becomes acceptable to people around the world no matter would that means. The genuine sofa is truly handmade and priced in million dollars. But, as the demand increase, the imitative products can be seen in the market. Then, the important question appears, how to indicate the handmade sofa and convince the guest that the sofa in the living room is a real product. Here, the little description related this matter will be discussed.

The Basic Thing To Indicate Original Chesterfield Sofa

Firstly, people should consider the height of original Chesterfield sofa is about 8 meters. Somehow it can be modified into longer side depends on people request. Moreover, the genuine ones are completed by scrolled arm with rolled back. The uniqueness is both characteristics are at the same height and can be stated as most notable characteristic. For a leather sofa, a deep leather lead and polished button tufting can be seen clearly. These can be found in a diamond shaped at the back, front, and the cushions.

In addition, as the handicraft products, deep measurement can be done by asking the craftsmanship. Of course, this thing required deep knowledge from the interviewer related to the Chesterfield sofa, this will help to know the quality of products which is good or bad. Moreover, as the handmade product, sometimes it is not free of glue to add wood screws. But this appearance can make the sofa looks gorgeous instead of losing its economic value. Besides that, when people get this stuff from the trustworthy manufacturer, it becomes important to check the serial numbers on it. For an industry product, these numbers become a registry to indicate the thing is completely passed the quality control unit which means it is a good quality product.


eggless cakeFor cake lovers, sometimes they get bored with the tastes of the original recipe that is generated from some years before. But, the surveys state the presence of cakes is still awaited to company people in having tea or eaten as the snacks during the leisure times. Some modified recipes of cakes are available to satisfy people preference. Today, they may find the eggless cake recipes once they enter the keyword of fresher and more modern cake this time. Although it is not used egg as raw materials, the texture is still acceptable, so does the taste, it offers deliciousness for people.

The Eggless Cake Recipe

The difference in the eggless cake and the original cake is only the elimination of egg as the basic ingredients. For the other ingredients are still used such as all-purpose milk, unsalted butter, baking powder to help the batter well, and the milk. To help the texture well, people are suggested to use sweetened condensed milk rather than fresh milk. But, because they use condensed milk, they do not need to add extra sugar into the batter. The presence of good quality ingredients is successfully made the cake nutritional. However, to make sure the good quality in the cake, they need to choose the best quality of ingredients which are easy to get at the market.

The first step to making eggless cake is by melting the butter in the microwave for thirty minutes using a bowl. After the butter is melted perfectly, they may add the flour, milk, and baking powder in the bowl then it can be mixed using a hand mixer for about four minutes to make it homogeny. If they like chocolate taste, they may change the vanilla milk into the chocolate flavor. So, does when people like to add the garnish such as almond, cashew, and chocolate chips, they may add it at the top of batter. Then it is baked for about forty minutes.


martial arts stylesLearning about the culture of a certain country can be done in so many ways. One of them is by learning about the martial arts in the country. Then, when you learn martial arts, of course, the things that you will need are martial arts supplies. As having been known that doing martial arts cannot be done well without its supporting equipment. That is why, before you learn more how to do certain martial art, it is good for you to know first about some equipment’s or tools that will be used.

Martial Arts Supplies Needed

Talking about the martial arts supplies needed, of course, each martial art will have different needs. For example, is the need between boxing and karate. Those are the two different martial arts that have different equipment and tools. In karate, you do not need to wear any shoes but it is not when you choose boxing. Here, shoes are the part of this martial arts so that you should wear it when doing boxing. Also, when you do kali martial arts here weapon is needed. Therefore, since each martial art will have different needs, it is nice to list what things which are used here.

Moreover, for the common thing in which all martial arts need it is uniform. Yes, all the martial arts that are done nowadays has a uniform. Since a long time ago, each of them has had its own uniform. Thus, for those who want to learn about it, they should wear it. Let’s just look at the uniform wore in karate and silat. Even though those martial arts almost the same, the most different thing between them is in their uniform. Here, karate will have a white uniform while silat commonly black one. Last, to get the equipment’s above you should buy it in martial arts supplies shop.


Health tipsAcne is very disturbing on your face. Your confident feels like go so far. You cannot face your boyfriend just because of an acne on your nose, for example. You just want to cut off the acne right away! Well, I understand what you feel. I feel you so much. Some people maybe want to make the acne disappear in a night just because tomorrow she or he has an important occasion like a party or even wedding. Well, what should you do? You may follow some tips as the following paragraphs.

There is one good way to heal acne fast. That is using garlic. Do you have garlic in your kitchen? You can use the garlic as the amazing magical spice to heal your acne now. Maybe some of you will not believe me. However, you should try it now of you want to know. There are other ways too if you want. You can use lemon and honey to heal your acne right away. Rub the lemon with honey on the acne. Let it on your face for a night. Then, let us hope your acne will disappear in the morning. At least, your acne will not as big as the day before. Therefore, you can hide it with your makeup.

So, that is it. Try one of the ways above and you can kill your acne faster than you know. You can try some mosque in the market that contains sulfur, lemon, and mint as well if you want. There must be good medicine for acne too in the drugstore. It is the way when you do not want to use the natural ways. So, what do you think about the tips? I cannot guarantee all the ways above are work well. It all depends on your acne condition and your skin condition. Thus, that is all. I wish the tips are useful and helpful for you.


Rattan Corner SofaYou can see that furniture is the main part of the house. A house without furniture will be so empty and not comfortable. It is impossible for now. Then, do you have rattan corner sofa? If you have corner sofa or sofa made of rattan, you should read this article to know how to treat your rattan sofa better. Rattan is a long-lasting material that is affordable. However, it can be broken easily if you do not know to maintain it right. So, let us see the tips as follow.

Tips Of Rattan Corner Sofa Maintenance

Rattan is natural material that will be broken someday. However, you can make long last if you know how to maintain the rattan. If you have new rattan sofa, you can start to clean the rattan sofa once a week. If you do not want your rattan sofa to get molded or broken soon, you can just cover all the rattan after you get it. Your rattan corner sofa will be protected well in a humid weather wherever you put it. So, will not need to worry about your rattan sofa that is placed outside anymore. If you clean all your furniture made of rattan well, your rattan furniture including your rattan sofa will be long lasting.

So, that is all the tips to maintain your rattan furniture including your sofa made of rattan. You can get more information to maintain rattan furniture on a website. Over there, you can get the information about sofa or corner sofa made of rattan and where you can buy them. Of course, the quality is good and the best for you. You can visit the website by clicking rattan corner sofa in here. Thus, that is all about the tips and suggestion for you who have rattan furniture and want to maintain it well. I wish this article is useful and helpful.


why do earthquakes happenIt is a hard thing to know about what happen to the world nowadays. It seems that this world is getting more and more problems because of human. You know it by yourself as there are a lot of natural disasters are coming and make people in it suffer and it is sometimes because of their own actions toward the world itself. Now, we are going to talk about one kind of natural disaster that you have already known and you should have felt what it is like, the earthquakes. This disaster sometimes gives a lot of disadvantages or even damages to us, so you may need to know about it. Here, you will find the reason of why do earthquakes happen, so enjoy the information.

Why Do Earthquakes Happen Nowadays?

There are some things you need to know before we talk about the reason of why do earthquakes happen nowadays. First, it is about the composition of the earth. You know that the earth is contained of many layers or plates, and they are moving but you don’t feel it as it does not create a big enough energy to make you feel of it, but sometimes the moving of the plates are irregulars, so it sometimes hits each other, this is the cause of the earthquakes. The hitting of two or some layers or plates causing the energy that creates the shaking-feeling to us which is called the earthquake, so it is a natural thing happen to the earth, especially this earth has lived billions of years, it is normal that the earthquakes happen sometimes.

So, does the information above make you clear and answer your question about why do earthquakes happen? If it does, then you may need to find another question about this natural disaster and you can visit the site to know the answers of your questions.


how do earthquakes happenEarthquakes also are known as one of the greatest disasters that ever happens to us as a human race who live on the earth. This event can bring lots of pain and of course, can destruct any of building on the upper land. How do earthquakes happen is something that we can relate to an activity within the earth? If you are curious about this event, then maybe we can give you something that might interest for you. So, if you want to know more about this, we will give you some nice and simple explanation that will easy to understand.

How Do Earthquakes Happen With A Simple Theory?

Many theories have described the earthquakes, and this makes the earthquakes become some interesting object to discuss. Well, if you are one of the people who put your interest on this subject then, we will give you a very simple theory that you can use in discussion. How do earthquakes happen is because the tectonic plates on the core of the earth moved and shifted? This will cause the upper earth shaking. The plates will crash after one another and this will cause the vibration on the upper earth. If this event happens with enough power, then the wave of vibration will shake all the ground in the upper land.

Earthquakes will be dangerous if you can’t notice it from the beginning. Fortunately, the scientist found the way to detect an abnormal movement from the tectonic plates using the seismographic engine that can write every signal and wave that happen on the tectonic plates underground. Well, this is the very simple and easy theory on how do earthquakes happen that we can give to you. Well, if you want to know more about, you can start to read many books about earth and geography.


birthstones by monthAs having been known that there are many kinds of gemstones that exist in this world. Those beautiful stones are believed by some cultures has a certain power. Then per European belief, there are birthstones by months. It means that those stones are like us who have a birthday. The stone birthday can be categorized not only by months but also by culture and Zodiac. For those who want to know a further information relating to this, there is the explanation about it as in the next passage below.

Birthstones By Months In European Belief

Birthstones by months in European belief starts on January as the birthday month of garnet. This gemstone is usually used as a souvenir for friends. In the next month that is February, there is amethyst birthstone. On March, itself, bloodstone known as the great stone for healing was born. Meanwhile, a diamond that has a very expensive price was born on April and May is the month of emerald birthday. After that, June becomes the month which the beautiful stone pearl was born. Pearl itself is known as the stone as the symbol of love and purity.

Moreover, July is believed as the month for a ruby stone birthday. Then, on August is the birthstone of the period that will give charm to those who wear it. Next, September is the sapphire birthstone and October becomes the opal birthstone. While November is for topaz and December for turquoise. In summary, those are the birthday stone by month that is believed by European people. Here, each stone having been mentioned above has the meaning and power. Thus, after you know about all of them, now you can choose the stone depending on the months your friends or you were born. Maybe, in each culture, there is the different belief about birthstones by months.


Health careBeing healthy is such a privilege. After all, if you want to be healthy, then it should be started from yourself. You are the one who keeps the health, and you should do a good maintenance to your body to make sure that all the activities run well. Whenever you want to be healthy then it would need an effort. The effort may be hard sometimes, but it will be easier when you have the desire to live healthy, though. There are many parts of your body that need to be kept well, and one of them is your heart. It is important to keep your heart healthy so it can work normally.

There are several ways if you want to make your heart in good condition. The first is by sunbathing. It is important for you to be in below the sun in the morning at least for 20 until 30 minutes. The time is around 7 pm until 10 pm. You know that this sunlight has vitamin D that will prevent you from the shaping of the plaque in your blood vessel.  The next is you need to do a routine exercise. You can do the walking, running, or even jogging, cycling, and much more. All those exercises will increase good cholesterol in your body so that you will be prevented from a stroke.

For the food, you need to consume if you want your heart well is by consuming fish. Fish contains good fat. That fat will be used to keep your heart. It plays a role as a lubricant. Fish also contains Omega 3 that will make you has less risk of having blood congealing, and prevent the high tension of blood pressure. You also can train your heart by laughing and sleeping with enough time of sleep.


obsession phrases reviewMarriage is the goal of the many relationships. Commonly, a woman will see the difference between her man before and after marriage for years. Then, now obsession phrases review comes to be the best solution for women who want to attract their husband and get the love as much as he gives before marriage. These obsession phrases will help women to draw her man again. By using it, now there is nothing which must be worried about the marriage and the change of her husband. Then, to know more about the phrases here is the information.

Obsession Phrases Review For Marriage

Talking about obsession phrases review itself, there are some kinds of the phrases which are very suitable for marriage. Hence what are those phrases? To begin with, there is Razzle Dazzle phrase that is one of the popular ones. By using this phrase, a woman can stir her man to feel his mind with her. In this case, she will be more attractive and indeed her man devotes her so much. That is why he is going to like to spend the time with his wife. Every single time of him becomes the best moment for him.

Meanwhile, another phrase that can be used is Mutual Pleasure phrase. In this kind of the phrase, the aim of it is to make a husband will be more faithful. Here, the use of the phrase itself is going to make a man takes the woman to be his priority. Then, more love and faithful are the things got as the result of this obsession phrase. In short, those are the two obsession phrases review which is very suitable for marriage. Now, you can use one of the phrases to get a happier marriage with your lovely husband.


Honda Portable generatorJust like other machinery items, sometimes we cannot predict when our Honda portable generator needs to be repaired. In fact, many things can cause problem or error in our Honda generator. Knowing what to do when our generator cannot work in a total emergency is undoubtedly needed. To help you detect the problem and repair the generator, we have provided some tips to repair portable generator that you can find as follow.

Tips For Repairing Honda Portable Generator

The first problem that you may face is an error in the producing power. When you find that your portable generator cannot generate any power, there are two things that you need to do in the first place. First, you need to reset circuit breakers of the generator. Second, you must give the generator engine a little rev. Since your generator might not have been used for such a long time, giving a little rev may help your Honda portable generator to produce power again. However, if you find that these actions do not help, you can continue to try another one. If your generator has AVR engine, make sure that you have cleaned the slip rings and checked the brush.

On the other hand, if you find that problem in capacitor compensated engine, try to inspect the condenser. If there is nothing happen even though you have checked all of them, you may need other tricks to repair your Honda generator. In this case, you may need some replacement parts to repair the generator. Just prepare for new fuel tank, wires, engine and other parts in case you need it. When you must replace the parts, make sure that you do it safely. That’s all some tips to repair Honda portable generator when it cannot provide any power.