Foods Before and After Doing Exercise

Health tipsIt is mot a secret anymore that doing workout or exercise is something important for your healthy life. It means that you are recommended to do exercise every day. Even the simple exercise like stretching will be very good for your health. Then, in order to get the best result in doing this activity, what you must to know is about foods before and after doing the exercise. By consuming the best food of course you can find a healthier body.

Foods Before Doing Exercise

To begin with, it is about the food before doing exercise. In this case, there are certain foods that will be very nice to be consumed before you do some exercise. What are they? For the first one is oatmeal, walnuts, and cinnamon. You can find complex carbs from the oatmeal which has a function to make you feel full longer. Then, with the nutrients in walnuts and cinnamon, if course you can do your exercise well.

For another food that can be consumed is citrus fruit salad. As we know that salad is a healthy food. This citrus salad is better to be added to honey and yogurt so that the nutrients can better and very good for your activity. Chocolate protein shake becomes the next food that you can choose. The antioxidants and also another nutrient inside chocolate will help you in doing exercise.

Foods After Doing  Exercise

Meanwhile for the foods that can be consumed after exercise is homemade hot chocolate. The Hot chocolate here has many nutrients inside such as carbs, protein, and antioxidants to boost your energy after doing exercise. Then chili becomes another best food that you can choose. It is actually the best food which can be consumed after you do some exercises. Turkey sandwich can be another best food for you too.

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