Specification In Toyota Axio 2017

toyota axio 2017When you choose to buy the new car such as Toyota Axio 2017, before that, usually you also will see the specification in the car because that is what makes you sure, if you want to buy the car. to see the specification in the car is needed by the buyer of the car because by that they will know the condition of the car and it hope that people who have the car do not excessively use the car more than the car’s condition to be operated. For instance, if you know that this Toyota Axio is a kind of sedan car, of course, it is better to use the car in city way only rather than the highway because the highway condition is can make the car’s capacity and the condition is down.

Available Specification In Toyota Axio 2017

The other example is that by seeing the specification in the car, you can see the engine type in the car. By that, you will not lack the fuel because you know when the car needs to be filled with the fuel to make the car can be operated. You also will buy appropriate gasoline type when fulfilling the fuel capacity in the car. Some specification in Toyota Axio 2017 is that this car is known as the new sedan from Toyota and it has the similar model of Corolla Axio. The engine capacity in this car is available in 1300cc and 1500cc. the car use automatic and manual transmission.

Moreover, the driving type of this car is two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The engine type of this car is DOHC with 4 cylinder and 16 valves, and the car uses petrol for fuel. The car has five passengers capacity and one driving seat with the number of the door is four. The price to buy this Toyota Axio 2017 starts from US$ 16,700 up to US$ 20,700.

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