Things To Avoid To Be Healthy

Health lifeThere are several things that bad for your body. Many take forms of delicious food or addictive activities. this thing You should try to avoid them If you want a healthy life. After all, it’s up to us to take care of our body, and it’s us that feeling sick if we didn’t take a good care of it. Of course, you can eat what you want, but are you ready to receives it consequences? Sometimes, what you eat will give you an after effect when you’re old. You don’t feel anything when you’re younger, but you will feel the effects of your bad diet later. Here are some things that aren’t really good for our bodies.

Smoking and drinking liquor. There are many teenagers that addicted to this habit. They don’t see any harm when smoking or gulping their liquor. You should know that cigarette can lead you to much chronic respiration disease, from bronchitis to lung cancer. Smoke had many chemical substances in them, including tar, and nicotine. Nicotine is a substance that makes cigarette is addictive. Drinking is also addictive too. At first, it was fine to sip one or a few glasses, but the more you gulp this thing, the more addicted you will get. Drinking habit can lead you to liver disease, and dysfunctional liver. Smoke and liquor only give you a temporary fun but a permanent damage to your body.

Other things to avoid are Junk foods. Junk foods may seem delicious, and instant. But junk foods, contain a very little nutrition, or even no nutrition at all. They contain a lot of carbs and calorie. We need carbs to live, but if you eat too much of carbs. The carbs will turn into fat, and it will raise your body weights, leading you to obesity. Obesity can lead you to many fatal diseases.

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